Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One month: Jane

Our little girl turned 1 WHOLE month on Monday! Here is a little letter to her about what she's been up to and some pictures...


At one month you've put on a lot of weight and height. We're not sure what the measurements are quite yet but you've really filled out. You're still wearing newborn clothing (no bloomers fit your teeny tummy though) and diapers but I'm sure that'll change next month.

You're getting a lot more control of your head although we never know when you'll stop using your neck muscles so we have to be careful. You're a real bobble head sometimes. You're legs are abnormally strong. You can kick yourself away from anything if your feet can touch it. You're also grabbing at everything from our fingers and necks to our clothes and your burp cloths. We love watching you use all your muscles to stretch out after waking up.

You enjoy tummy time for a little while. If you're awake you'll start crying after about 5 minutes but if you're sleepy you'll just go to sleep. If you're tired there's no stopping you.

You're a great eater and sleeper, you enjoy your bath time, you sound like a pony most of the time and you have lost almost all the hair on the top of your head.

We love you and look forward to the next month we have with you.

Here are some pictures of your little adorable self...


Angela said...

Soooooo great. Thank you.

the fellers said...

OH! I just LOVE her! she is adorable...and yay, only 2 more weeks, I LOVE after that 6 weeks is up, you can actually function without the scare of wrecking something!