Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Month: Me

I can't believe it's been a month since Jane's been with us. That means, for one month I've...

-Been breastfeeding
(It's hard and annoying sometimes but gives me hope that I've been doing it a month already. I'm also really glad that I have enough milk and that it's obviously giving her what she needs.)

-Been waking up in the middle of the night to feed her
(Again, it's hard sometimes but easier than I thought it would be. Knowing I've been doing this a month makes it easier.)

-Been changing diapers (This one's not that bad but I will say I REALLY prefer Pampers to Huggies.)

-Been able to be the mother of a VERY adorable and lovely spirited daughter.

I am feeling MUCH MUCH better than I was at 2 weeks. I'm excited to lose the weight I have left to lose and get my body back. In 2 weeks I have my check-up so once I get the ok I am ready to start working on it.

Brandt also started work this Monday so that means I am a REAL full-time mom. It's hard but I'd rather be doing this than working for sure. I just really look forward to the 7pm feeding because that means Brandt might be home :)


Katie said...

For me, the one-month mark was magical. It was like the hard part was over. Sure, it gets harder in different ways, but it is so much more worth it and exciting each day. We preferred Pampers swaddlers for the newborn time, and then switched to Huggies when he grew out of the first size. For some reason, Pampers started to blow out past the swaddlers stage. Anyways, yay! Enjoy the teeny tiny cute sweet baby time, because before you know it they will be diving off couches and giving you heart attacks, lol. But it's still cute... : )

wendy said...

Congratulations on being parents. She is beautiful! They do grow up fast, although some periods seem a little longer than others!

My kids could only use pampers as well but since that was soooo long ago I bet the pampers are probably put on electronically..... (okay...I am old now and I have old humor!)