Thursday, June 25, 2009


About a week ago I took Jane to the Produce Market down the street. It had rained that day so it was really wet outside. On the walk back I noticed I had run the stroller though some dog poop. Even though I got most of it off wiping it in grass, using a stick and running it through puddles, I didn't want to walk the stroller through my apartment because that's just unsanitary.

So, I took the seat out (with her sleeping in it) and brought it upstairs and put the main part in the bike room downstairs. When I came back up I kept her on the floor for about 10 minutes while I waited till it was time to feed her and checked my email. After 10 minutes I pulled the blanket covering off the front to get her out.

I found her... upside down at about a 45 degree angle! I knew the seat had a soft bottom but I didn't think it'd situate her like that! I had to get the camera because although
she was in an awkward sleeping setting, she was more than happy to keep dreaming.


Carisa said...

Thanks for leaving a comment, now I can keep up with your baby too :) She is so cute and I saw another outfit that is the same in an older post of yours!!! The little Target dress that you wrote that she pooped on!!!


Celia said...

Oh this is too cute!!! I'm glad you are still able to blog! Congrats to you and Brant on yalls 4th anniversary also! :)