Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today is 7.11.09 which means free Slurpies at Seven Eleven!! Since I've known about it I've completely forgotten until the next day so this year I kept reminding myself EVERY day so I wouldn't forget. Well, I got one!!! All the stores around us don't participate so I had to ride my bike to one but it was SO worth it. I VERY MUCH enjoyed the Transformer Mango Passion Fruit Slurpie. I almost went back in to get a full size one but had more errands to run and it would have been difficult riding with it. Now I want one and will have to go back soon.

P. S. I've never had a Slurpie before, only ICEEs and man I've missed out.

P.P.S. I did Post Natal Bootcamp, rode my bike around our area getting groceries and may bike 14 miles roundtrip to church tonight for a fundraiser so I SO deserved it :)

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Julie said...

Brian remembered that you told us about the free slurpies on 7/11. We went to Madison that day and couldn't find a 7 11 store anywhere. We figured we'd spend more money in gas trying to get to one than paying for a slurpee at a closer location. Thanks for the idea though...some year we'll make it work!