Friday, July 17, 2009

A Day for Coupons

So today I scored HUGE at CVS. I usually don't ever buy from there because it's way overpriced but I had a ton of coupons and they were having a sale on Scott paper towels (which we NEEDED) and toilet paper, Huggies and milk. I also found 4-$10 off $20 coupons so no matter what I was getting 50% off!

Here's what it originally cost:
(2) 8pk Scott paper towels= $21.98
(1) 12pk Scott toilet paper= $11.99
(1) Huggies 31ct size 3= $11.99

Here's what I paid for them:
(2) 8pk Scott paper towels= $4.98
(1) 12pk Scott toilet paper= $2.50
(1) Huggies 31ct size 3= $3.49

I got a treat for myself for saving so much :)

Spent: $14
Saved: $36

I am SO going back tomorrow! I know this may not seem that blog worthy to most of you but Brandt isn't answering his phone and neither is my sister so I have to tell someone my fabulous news!


prangster_in_chicago said...

oh wow, that's amazing. I love stories like that.

my question is: how did you carry all that stuff home?

are you putting jane to work already?

Melissa H. said...

I am impressed! And Jane is beautiful. I love keeping up with her via your blog. My best to both you and Brandt.

Julie said...

Congratulations! I completely understand how great it feels to save money like that. I love telling Brian how much we saved on such and such. He tries to be impressed (and he really does appreciate how much money I can save), but it's nice to share with someone who truly appreciates conquering the retail world :)

Celia said...

I LOVE saving money like that :) Congrats! Always check the end caps around the baby aisles. They tend to stick a bunch of baby stuff on sale on those (usually midweek). Including diapers!!! :)