Thursday, July 16, 2009

I just have to say

... It is 9:50am and I've worked out, showered, gotten dressed, brushed my teeth, read through my Reader and the news and bathed my little girl. Wow, that may not seem like a lot but I feel so accomplished that I could be done for the day! Life changes when you have a baby, that's for sure. Oh, baby is sleeping 8 hours in a row +/- every night now!!!

From one night when I was pregnant and we made sushi rolls:


the fellers said...

wow, you HAVE accomplished a lot today...i would lay down and sleep the rest of the day, some days I dont even get that all done throughout the whole day...and Shon is standing beside me and said this when he saw the sushi, "They MADE that?!?" He LOVES sushi and is so jealous that I dont make it, I am sure!

AoK Buttons said...

I thought you hated seafood?? Those look awesome and yummy