Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Motherhood Mania

Is there a point to dusting off your book shelf? We have this book shelf from Ikea and it gets so dusty so fast. I finally dusted it because it must have been an inch thick (not that bad) and it's already dusty again? It's just, there are so many books and other junk on it that it takes forever to clean and then it's dusty again in a couple days. Hmmm.

Something in our garbage smells SOOOOO bad. I just took it out even though the bag was only half full and now the whole house smells like it because I opened it for more than 5 seconds. Thank goodness for Clean Citrus Febreeze. I think I just used half the can.

There are baby socks all over the house right now. Little girl has such small feet and ankels that they just come off. Wish someone was paying me a quarter for everyone I need to pick up.

And finally, little girl finally slept the whole duration of her nap time earlier today. Wish I'd known she was going to cause I'd have take a nap too. She's been REALLY grumpy lately (think it's gas) so she doesn't sleep long during the day. Luckily she sleep about 8 hours straight every night. Knock on wood. And, there she goes again, a half hour early.

Here's a picture of Jane in her little chair. She's getting really good at sitting in it!

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