Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Family Photos Attempt #1

We owe my Mom her birthday present which she requested to be a family photo. We got all dressed up and went out to the beach but none of them turned out "print and frame" quality. We will try again soon. Who knew how hard it would be to get done with a baby and perfectionist husband?

Here are a few that turned out good but again, not worthy of printing and framing.


MM said...

I found that taking pics with a baby is hard because the timer on the camera takes too long. That's when I invested in a little remote on Amazon. You can take the photo instantly, when the baby is looking at the camera. It wasn't that expensive, and now I have more photos with all of us in them.


Jake Miller said...

Yeah. Maybe you can try Lake Erie in the background on the next one. That might help. :)

Just a little joke. I'll see you guys soon.

Kristen said...

I think that one of Brandt and Jane is totally frame-able, though I'm sure mom wants one of all of you. You look great by the way!!!