Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Her first hats

When Jane was just a few weeks old we tried all of her hats on her. None of them fit of coarse because her head was so tiny but it made for a really fun 10 minutes.

Last week we went on a walk to the beach and since it was so sunny I put a hat on her. This was one of the hats that was HUGE on her and now it's just the right size. It's amazing how they grow so much but you don't notice it till you put something on them.

I think she felt a little weirded out by it. I couldn't stop laughing after I put it on her.

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Sarah said...

Make sure you continue to try the "huge" things on. Because they grow so fast, I would forget about certain outfits or just assume they're still too big until it was too late and they were already too small. Both girls had alot of cute outfits that were wasted!