Monday, August 10, 2009

Jane: 3 Months


You're 3 whole months already! I absolutely love this time in your life. You're not just this little blob of flesh that needs to eat and have her diaper changed all the time. You're now this little baby who loves to laugh and play and grunt and talk to herself. You are the cutest. Dad likes to say, "It's just not fair Jane. It's just not fair to all the other babies out there that you are so cute."

This last month you've done so much. The biggest new thing you did was fly on a plane to Utah. You did SO good. You enjoyed the flight and didn't give us a bit of grief. You actually found your voice on the flight back and didn't stop "talking" for about a half hour once. In Utah mom and dad were able to go out together and leave you with a sitter a few times. Thanks for not being too difficult for them!

You sleep about 10 hours a night now and we LOVE that! When you wake up you are so happy to see us and it makes it worth it to have to wake up. Sometimes you'll just look around in your crib and talk to yourself until it's time to get up. It's so cute to walk in the room and have you turn your head towards me and give me smiles. That's baby for, "Yes! It's time to play!" We've started swaddling you with one arm out and I think it helps you go to sleep faster. But, because of this, when we go in to wake you up and you're still sleeping, we laugh quietly for a few minutes because you seriously look like you were born with only one arm.

You love to stand with help from us, lay in our arms as we bounce on our exercise balls, go on walks in the baby bjorn, play in your gym and look from left to right to left, over and over and over. You're a faster eater now (you get it out of the way so you can play), you're still wearing some of your newborn clothes and you now have a bald patch on the back of your nearly bald head from constantly turning your head back and forth in the crib.

You're learning SO much and we are so excited to watch you grow more this next month. We love you millions.

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