Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Review: Fannie May Ice Cream

Last night I got some great deals at Jewel. I bought 5 24-oz Frosted Mini Wheats and 5 8-count boxes of Poptarts... all for $4.25 after coupons, specials and rebates!! I also got some Fannie May ice cream because it was BOGO and I had a BOGO coupon so I got 3 for the price of one! Well, I have to tell you how delicious it is...

I bought Vanilla Buttercream, Chocolate, and White Chocolate Raspberry. I haven't tried the first two yet but oh my Heavens is the White Chocolate Raspberry delicious! I usually don't like fruit in my ice cream but this is so tasty. It has little almond slices in it too which is never a bad thing. I am now wishing I hadn't played it safe with the chocolate and vanilla and gotten more raspberry instead. For $1.66 it was definitely worth it. For the full price of $5 it isn't but everything goes on sale eventually.

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