Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why does it smell?

I'm about to work out but I HAD to take a moment to share that... the wind smells like Chinese flavored broccoli.

There's no obvious reason for it. There's not an Asian food place near my house but every time the wind blows through here it makes me want some warm and juicy Chinese flavored broccoli.


Cheryl said...

My apologies for not emailing you back about the trailer. I bought another instep one and love it just the same, my first one lasted for 3 years and would have made it longer if the dog hadn't chewed it up. I got this one at WalMart for under $100 and it folds down really nice. It is the red and black one. I would wait until beautiful Ms Jane is sitting up good before you put her in one and of course don't forget her helmet. Hope this helps some.

Sarah said...

I think I'm going stalk your blog even more now. Kate just had her first day of school (it's only preschool -and she went last year- but this year it's 5 days 8-3). I need a dose of baby-ness. Tay's entering her terrible two's (early) so I need sweet smiles. Maybe I should just have another one!