Thursday, August 06, 2009

Working Out is Hard

I have been doing Lindsey Brin's Post Natal Bootcamp for about 6 weeks now. I am on Week 4 of the 12 week program (it doesn't match up because I do it 3 times a week and I want to do each routine 4 times before I move on)... ANYWAY... Week 4 is definitely the hardest so far. On Tuesday I couldn't verbalize "Oh my gosh" because I was so exhausted during it. Today I started pouting and giving the breathing cry (no tears or screams, just breath). I feel fine now but am emotionally exhausted (and sore) and I don't want to do it anymore.

When Jane is doing tummy time and starts crying and screaming (she only does it for 5 minutes a day) I say "working out is hard" to her and make her do it every day.

Am I a hypocrite?

6 weeks after she was born I had 5 lbs to lose to get back to my pre prego weight. I still have 4 lbs to lose. Now I understand that if I don't quite eating all the crap I do every day I probably won't lose that 4 lbs.

So here I stand. Working out is hard and I don't want to do it anymore. Eating crap is fun and taste and I don't want to quite just yet. I guess I better keep working out 3 times a week if I don't eat better. I hope this is the wall I'm hitting and once it breaks down it will be easier (emotionally).

Do you work out or are you just naturally skinny (Anna, don't comment)? If you're like me and not naturally skinny is it hard to work out (emotionally)?

I would like to say I do feel stronger in my arms, back and legs since working out... it's that dang tummy I am not losing.


the fellers said...

ok....4 POUNDS!?!?! I feel sick...I promise, i am so fat! I wish so bad that I could have been to that point when my kids were Jane's age...when i took a prenatal class before Scoty, the nurse said, Dont stress it, you took 9 months to get where you are, it will take 9 months to get back to that point. I work our 6 days a week, AND try and eat healthy (this summer has been bad, but not during the summer I eat healthy), and I am having a hard time. i am back to my pre pre pregnancy size (not weight, and that is before Scoty, yes, it took 3 years), but I am still not losing, and I will forever have this belly I are doing so great, and I promise, I thought you looked fantastic, I should have told you when I saw you, maybe I was just jealous...hehe! Good job!

ChrisandLindsay said...

I totally know how you feel!! It's been almost a year and I still have the prego belly!! I have tried to work out 3-4 times a week, and have even tried to eat better, but it is very hard. I think I am going to try and start swimming again though because I was able to keep my weight down pretty well with swimming. But let me just say are SOO lucky that all you have to lose is 4 POUNDS!!! I wish that was all I had to lose...good luck though and keep at it, you'll start to notice something sooner or later. :)

Michelle said...

I absolutely HATE working out. I don't know if I've ever gotten that "runner's high." I'm trying to lose 20 pounds and I've never even been pregnant! :-) You're not alone!

AoK Buttons said...

I work out!