Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Jane: 4 Month Pictures

Blogger wouldn't upload pictures earlier so here are some pictures of Jane at 4 months.

My cutie pie.

This is Designer Jane. Or Mime Jane. We couldn't decide.

This is her "Duck Face". She gives it when she is tired.

Hello everyone!

See, she has hair but it's clear. And yes, I cut my hair. I'm liking and not liking it.

Dad and bebe.

And there's the tongue action. I think that's how she smells... like a snake.


the fellers said...

she is CUTE and I LOVE your hair!

AoK Buttons said...

I like your hair cut too! I want to see Jane again can't wait till December.

The Randalls said...

Oh Christina she is beautiful and you look are so skinny and your hair looks great I love it.