Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Jane: 4 Months

Little missy is 4 months old!! How'd we celebrate it? We had lunch with Daddy at work and went to Oprah! Well, we went down to the 24th Season kick-off party taping on Michigan Ave, listened to the Black Eyed Peas practice and then went home. It was no place to stay with a baby.

We love her so much... Jane... not Oprah. She is so fun. She laughs and giggles all the time. She's getting a little ticklish in her chubby thighs and will laugh if you lightly pinch them. She's a squirmy one. It's getting harder and harder to change her diaper and to hold her without getting head-butted.

She's not rolling over yet but we are practicing it. I like to play "roll the baby" with her on our bed. I think she gets a little confused when I do it.

She LOVES to jump. My arms get so tired from holding her up so she can kick her legs. Good thing I work out but we need a jumper so she can have unlimited jumps. She also still LOVES bath time and cries when we are all done with it.

She doesn't like the binky anymore unless you hold it in her mouth for her to chew on. She does love her fingers. She'll suck on any part of them... actually whatever part hits her mouth first. She just started choking because she sticks her fingers in too far. Hopefully she'll learn soon.

She sleeps from about 8pm till 7am straight. It's been sooo nice. She really is a wonderful baby. She rarely cries unless she is hurt or over tired... nothing we can't fix.

She's growing in some clear hair so that's progress, loves to stick her tongue out, loves to go on walks in the baby bjorn and loves the sound of Daddy's voice.

Love you lots little baby!

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AoK Buttons said...

I've been counting down since sept 1 for this post!! 7 more days, 6 more days... Thanks!