Monday, October 05, 2009

Fraudulent Charges

Really? I knew this was bound to happen to me sometime, especially since we live in the time we do but it stinks. Today I checked my credit card account to find a charge for Brandt and noticed some purchases in excess of$180 for some shoes on We did not make those purchases so I called my credit card company and they said we shouldn't need to worry about anything. That's a relief but it just stinks that someone is out there scheming to buy things illegally using my card.

Mean and thieving people out there... please don't do this. It's not nice or fair. Work for a living like we all do. Stop using the money that we work so hard for.

It just bugs me that right now there are people out there sitting at a computer like I am finding information about people so they can use their identities and money. It makes me kind of not like the computer and think of it in a negative way. Maybe I will just go get a pastry later today and think about sweet, happy things. I mean, what else can you do besides all the logical, common sense-safety strategies to keep yourself from this?


the fellers said...

isnt that the worst!!? I HATE is totally the invasion that I hate....I am glad they said not to worry! Good luck!

Rebecca said...

I totally know how you feel. This happened to me in college. Someone stole my check book and started writing checks. Everywhere even Burger King. "What's that about you can use check at fast food?" Any way I got it all cleaned up but it took some time. That is great that the bank just took care of you so quickly. Sorry it happened to you.