Friday, October 02, 2009

Jumbo size slurpie

I was on the train with Jane and on came a woman with her two kids. They looked about ages 7 and 9. They were each holding a slurpie. Not just any slurpie, the biggest size 7-11 sells.

My first thought was, "Holy cow it's not even noon yet!"

My second thought was, "I would NEVER give my kids a slurpie that size! Yikes, the definition of childhood obesity. Yeah, I promised Jane that if she doesn't tell dad that sometimes we walk to 7-11 to get a small slurpie, when she gets bigger I will get her one too but it will be the smallest size they sell."

After a while the boy, the older one, said as he slurped his slurpie, "Mom, I'm SO hungry!" She said, "Who's fault is that? You had the chance to eat this morning." He said, "I know, I just wasn't hungry." She basically told him he could eat later.

My thought after that was, "Here's this kid who is obviously hungry drinking a slurpie. Hmmm. Maybe they both should have been a little more thoughtful in their early morning snack selection from 7-11."

He sadly slurped his coca-cola flavored slurpie until we got off the train.

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Sarah said...

Never say never. Now, I'm not a big fan of giving my kids the jumbo size slurpee (and I never have), but there are a few things I SWORE I'd never give or let my kids do, and guess what? They're jumping on the bed right now! j/k