Friday, October 02, 2009

Night of two girls

Brandt was out of town for work Thursday night so Jane and I were all alone for the first time over night. It was pretty rough because she had a pretty off day but once she fell asleep she slept until 7am. I on the other hand... had to sleep without ear plugs because I didn't have Brandt to listen for her. That was rough but I did it and am kind of proud of myself. I'm a champ if I do type so myself.

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Danielle Arnett said...

I'm proud of you pretty girl! I know it's never easy to be alone, but you are a great mom and it will one day become old hat to tend to the little ones when the hubby leaves town. He is taking care of the family, while you're taking care of Jane (for now). Just sustain him and all will be well in the long run. Great Job Christina!