Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Starting Solids

We started Jane on solids a few weeks ago and she's now a pro. She eats Avocado, Rice Cereal and now Bananas. We tried bananas last week but she did not like them at all. Today she ate like 3 tablespoons!

I just whipped up an ice cube tray and a half of sweet potatoes for her to start next week. I feel like a super mom for making her food instead of buying it. I felt really proud as I cooked, mashed, strained, liquefied and divided it into the trays. Maybe I'm a good mom. I hope she likes them!

Here's the little baby who's getting so big...

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Danni said...

I LOOOOVE this photo!!!! SO gorgeous!! How much is Jane eating each day now?? Im going to start making and freezing this week for Stella. Did you skip the rice cereal??