Friday, October 30, 2009


*This post sounds like he's no longer with us but I assure you he is... I was just thinking about our time together...*

I remember when my sister called to tell us news. We all had to be together. I so knew she was prego.

I remember when she called to tell us we had a nephew. I remember when I went to Idaho a few months after he was born to go to school. I remember seeing him change from a baby to a toddler.

I LOVED playing with him. He was such a funny little dude. I went over to play with him like every day. I craved him. I think we all did. I think because of all the time we spent together he will always be the closest of the nieces/nephews to me. I missed him like crazy when I moved to Chicago.

Now he's huge! He's smart, he knows a lot of stuff. You can hardy tell he's had about 100 head injuries :) It was so great to see him when we went to Texas. As always, I went to pick him up in a big bear hug and almost threw him in the air because although he's a tall little 5-year-old, he weighs nothing.

Tyler, I will always love you and love hugging you. I hope you always let me :)

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