Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall Favorites

I feel like we missed Fall this year because it rained a lot as the trees were changing. By the time we got to go on a walk to enjoy the pretty colors most of the trees were already starting to lose their leaves.

I was happy to find that the plants in the front of our apartment building are "late bloomers"... They are still slowly changing color and when we leave our building we are blinded by beauty. I have to catch my breath each time I see them in the sun light. See for yourself.

We did get to see some pretty ones down by the beach a few weeks ago. It was so pretty I had to get a picture with my camera phone.

Fall will forever be my favorite.


MM said...

Ahh...Fall. What exactly is that like? :) 80 degrees here with green trees. :(

Celia said...

Oh man, I love Fall... but your pictures make me so jealous!!! I wish Fall looked like that for us here!