Monday, November 23, 2009


Mine and Jane's half birthdays were a few weeks ago and yes, we celebrated.

For mine, Jane went to bed and Brandt and I stuffed our faces with Papa Johns...mmmmmm mmm.... while we watched a movie. That was fun and a perfect excuse to order Papa Johns...mmmmmmm.

For Jane's we did a little more. We invited some friends over for Aranchini and homemade cheesecake. They were both of the up most deliciousness. It was really fun too. I hope she enjoys the little things we do for her when she gets older.

Here are some pictures...

The half birthday girl!

Big Jane and Little Jane. They are so cute. Big Jane just loves Little Jane. That makes me happy.

The whole Par-Tay. Well, minus one Sam. Where does that guy run off to?


Celia said...

oh this is so adorable! I want half birfdays! Christina can you be my second Mom :D ???

the fellers said...

she is seriously already 6 months old!?!? What the heck, where did the time go? She is so cute, and I LOVE that you celebrate half birthdays! You are awesome!