Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween 2009

This Halloween was great! We started it off with a church party 2 weeks ago. We went as last minute pirates, which our neighbors Kate and Jeff lovingly provided from their stash of awesome outfits. Jane went as two things... A troll while she was inside and a Fraggle while she was outside. Here are some pictures...
The little Fraggle:
The little Troll:
Some characters from LOST stopped by... Jin and Shannon. Who knew they were an item? But, look how happy Shannon is... I've NEVER seen her that happy :)

Then this last Saturday we had a party at our place. It was AWESOME! About 16 people showed up so we had a packed house. I made grave yard enchiladas, punch with frozen ice hands, spider web guac and bean dip, and themed sugar cookies. Brandt made his delish apple cider and our friends brought some yummy food too. It was really fun. We don't have many pictures but here's one of the guests that dressed up...

And last, here's Jane pre-Halloween. Her outfit says "Don't feed the lamas" and had a lama on it with yarn hair. I tried to veto this when we got it but Brandt said it was the coolest outfit so we kept it. I'm glad we did because it's pretty cute on her.

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Danni said...

I didn't get to see her as a fraggle!!! CUTE!! We had fun at your party. Your place looked awesome and the food was delish!