Sunday, November 08, 2009

Jane: 6 months!!!

WOW! A half a year! It's been a great six months.

This month Jane has changed so much. She...
*Can sit by herself!
*Eats solid food and eats it fast too.
*Learned new sounds like "dah", "lah", "buh" and "muh".
*Rolls over like crazy and is started to scoot.
*Laughs a lot.
*Loves me... at least that's what I think when she acts like she wants "me".
*Is sleeping closer to 12 hours at night.
*Sleeps on her tummy.
*Is starting to get bored with her baby toys.
*Started the trainer sippy cup.
*Blows a lot of raspberries.
*Stays awake a lot longer.
*Got a little cold twice :(
*Knows how to SCREAM!
*Pushes off of me to turn around.
*Loves her feet.

She has really changed. We love her so much. Dad is always worrying about her, especially when she coughs. We still miss her when she goes to sleep so we constantly turn on the video monitor to see her.

We love you little lady!

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The Randalls said...

Oh Christina she is SOOOO beautiful. I just want to snuggle her. I think if you moved here her and Adelyn would be great friends.