Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The flu: in perspective

I have the flu. It bites. I'm pretty sure I contracted the flu virus from an obscenely large wooden bathroom key. But, that's not what I'm here to say.

I'm here to say, that while I was in the shower thinking up my "I have the flu" post (yes, most of my blogging is thought up in the shower) I found myself put in my place with every line I was going to type. After a few minutes I decided that instead of telling you about how awful I feel and how awful it is to take care of a baby when you feel awful I am going to say...

I have the flu but at least:

-I will most likely get over it by the beginning of next week.
-I probably won't die from it.
-It isn't as bad as the flu I got 2 years ago.
-I don't have a life long health trial like chronic fatigue syndrome or 80% of my body being burned in a plane crash.
-I have a shower to think up blog posts.
-I have a husband who will take the baby after I am done feeding her and do everything else so I can go back to sleep.
-I have a baby who is sick but probably won't get the flu because I gave her the flu shot.
-I have friends who will take Jane during some of her play times so I don't have to play with her.
-I have a happy life.
-I have a mostly healthy life.
-Brandt has a job.
-I have family.
-I am able to see the bright side.

And now I'm off to open up another box of facial tissue. Oh, I have the flu but at least I can afford facial tissue and not have to blow my nose on toilet paper.


the fellers said...

i love this post! I had it two weeks ago, so I AM SORRY!!! If you are lucky, like I Felt like I was, you will be over it in a couple of days, I hope so!

Heather said...

Feel better Brinks. Are you coming to the holiday party next Friday? I have a cold. Ugh. Oh, and a 7 pound baby in my belly. Nice combo. But, like you said, life is good.

Celia said...

Get well soon CB! :)

Rebecca said...

That is a great way to look at life. I hope you are feeling better.