Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jane: 7 Months

Last week Jane turned 7 months. She has learned so much in a month and has developed so much that I can't believe this is the same 5-pounder I had in May.

She now...
-Has TWO teeth... her bottom two.
-Scoots backwards... I walked in the room and couldn't find her. She was in the closet.
-Rocks on her hands and knees.
-Says, "Mamama", "Dadadada", "Nanana" and "Bababa". She said Mama first!
-Has a preference in what she eats. If she doesn't like something she WILL NOT open her mouth.
-LOVES jumparoos and exersaucers!
-Sat up from a laying position!

I know there's more but she's changed so much I forget. Here are some pictures of my munchkin.


Julie said...

So cute! We loved being there for the first word and can witness that it was "mama" :)

the fellers said...

HA! She is so cute, crazy how fast time flies hey?

Celia said...

Oh she is so adorable!!! I hope I get to meet her one day!!! :)