Friday, December 18, 2009

The PW Signing

So before Thanksgiving my friend Alison and I went to the Pioneer Woman book signing. We got there about 7pm and boy was it packed. People were everywhere. While we waited for her to come out we saw her husband and little boys. He's kind of intimidating.

When she came out, she spoke for just a few minutes and sang a little bit :) and then sat down to begin the signing. I LOVED her hair. Gorgeous.

Alison and I got in line. We were number 230-something. We waited for a little while and realized the line wasn't going anywhere and since we had numbers we didn't have to wait in line. We walked around the mall until everything was closed and then went back to Barnes and Noble. We sat on the floor and looked and a Martha Stewart magazine and then talked to a fellow Babywise mom. Then we sat downstairs until it was almost our turn and we got back in line.

We saw the PW around 11:30pm.

I know.

I was a babbling idiot.

She was probably weirded out and I lost any chance of us being besties.

Maybe she doesn't remember me.

Overall, it was worth it. I had fun with Alison, we got each of our books signed and we also got a free PW t-shirt. I may not do it again but it was fun. Thanks again Alison!

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prangster_in_chicago said...

what did she sing?!