Monday, January 04, 2010

2009 Catch Up

Jane is a crawling machine. She's starting to pull herself up. Man, this is going to be a lot of work.

Went to Utah for Christmas or more exactly, Powder Mountain. Brandt and his Mom went skiing, we took Jane sledding (she loved it) and took Jane swimming (she LOVED it).

We ate Christmas lunch with the Baily side of the family and Jane discovered the joy of gnawing on fresh peas.

We got spoiled for Christmas.

Brandt took me for an ice cream cone... because I REALLY wanted it and he knew it.

Aunt Anna and Uncle Chris stopped by and gave Jane the coolest dog puppet and sock monkey book.

Napoleon (Brandt's family dog) has found his new worst enemy (Jane).

We all got sick.

I thought Jane had a 1 inch gash across her forehead... Turns out I am really blind in the dark because it turned out to be a 1 inch crusted boogie across her forehead. I was really happy about that... really.

We got to see Brandt's brother Matt but not his kids :( We also got to talk to Brandt's brother Brody on the phone from the mission field.

Brody seriously gave me a lump of coal for Christmas. What do they say about payback?

Delta charged us $5 for a plastic bag. They are now sending us a refund check because that was absurd.

New Years Eve with the Mora's, Tateoka's and Atwood's. It rocked. Nothing better than Cafe Rio salads, cheesecake and Wii.

And that's our 2009 catch-up. Now on to 2009 catch-up in the chore department.

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