Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jane's Latest Nap Routine

Pulls herself up into standing position.

Shakes her body back and forth making the rails shake too.

Sits down.

Pulls herself up and does the shaky thing again.

Fast forward to 20 minutes later...

Still doing the shaky thingy.

Starts to cry in the standing position.

Starts to wail in the standing position.

Starts to hyperventilate in the standing position.

Fast forward to 20 minutes later still SCREAMING and standing against the railing.

Stops screaming and sucks her thumb while in the standing position...screams again. (Repeated 5 times)

FINALLY plops backwards onto her bum and promptly rolls over onto her tummy.

Inserts thumb. Cries. Sucks thumb. Cries. Sucks thumb.

Falls asleep 40 minutes after I put her down.

Oh. My. Goodness. I am going to go gray before my 25th birthday.


the fellers said...

at least she is learning how to soothe herself, it will get better! promise!

Celia said...

oh.my.goodness.i'll stick to furkids.

she is very cute though, i think you're making the story up :P