Monday, February 22, 2010

Simon Says

I can't believe I forgot about this...

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, I was in the kitchen baking something and listening to the kids play Simon Says. Spencer (5 years old) was Simon, and Parker and Courtney (his siblings) and Josh (an adult) were playing along. Here's about how it went...

Simon says, pretend you're riding a bike.

Simon says, pretend you're a really fat man.

Simon says, pretend you're arresting someone.

Simon says, pretend you're looking out the window.

Simon says, pretend you have corn on you.

Simon says, pretend you're killing a ninja.

I was about doubled over listening to this. He just kept going and going. He didn't even have to stop and think what he was going to have them do next... he just kept rattling them off. I forever want to play Simon Says with 5-year-olds. They're the best.


Angela said...

That is fabulous!!!! I just tried that out with the kids and it was great!

Sarah said...

Love it!!

the fellers said...

that is the BEST! haha

Rebecca said...

Oh my that is funny. Kids have the best imaginations.