Monday, February 22, 2010

What? Do you brush with bleach?

On the train today I was squished between a group of guys. After a few stops, one of them who basically had his arm over my shoulder said, "There's a seat if you want it." and pointed to a spot where a guy was getting up. I smiled and said thanks. Then our conversation went like this...

Guy: Girl, you've got some white teeth.
Me: What's that?
Guy: You're teeth and really white.
Me: Oh, thanks. (smile)
Guy: What, you brush with bleach or something?
Me: (smiled bigger, embarrassed) No.
Guy: Man, look at her. She's got some white teeth.
Other guy: And a pretty smile.
Guy: Yeah, you've got a pretty smile.
Me: (totally red and embarrassed). Thanks.
Guys: (laugh)

They seemed genuine but it was still really embarrassing. At least it makes up for my bizarrely, unflattering smile I gave a TOTALLY hot trust fund baby in my dream last night.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

I need white teeth. So what is your secret beside the bleach.