Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby x-rays... not fun

Today I took Jane to the hospital to get a chest x-ray. She gags a lot when she's eating and when she lays down to nurse so I took her in because the doctor wants to see if there's something wrong with some part of her throat, etc.

Jane = On the move, All the time.

It was so sad. A doctor and I had to restrain her the whole time. She hyperventilated and was crying so hard her chest caved in when she finally did take a breath. When we were done she just cried and hugged me so tight that if I swung around real fast she would have still been hanging on. She was screaming so loud 3 other nurses came in to see what was going on.

I felt so bad for her. Hopefully whatever they find will help her so she doesn't gag for much longer because I really am getting tired of catching throw up in my hands during lunch, getting yogurt vomit on me when she's nursing and seeing her watery little blue eyes after each time.

Right now she's asleep in the carseat in the bathroom with the fan on because contractors are drilling and hammering out the brick along our outside wall and it's SOOO loud. I'm glad she's finally getting her sleep.

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the fellers said...

ok, I have beens seriously slacking on blogs lately and just caught up on your last 4 posts...ON NO, I HATE having to get stuff like this done to my kids...I had to hold Rylee down when she was just a baby to get a cathader...NOT FUN! Anyway.....I hope it all goes well, and cant wait to hear the results, I promise I will be more diligent in checking blogs....and are you guys headed this way this summer again? Hope so, we would love to see you guys again!