Monday, March 08, 2010

Jane: 10 Months

Two more months and she'll be 1!!

Jane is CRAZY! I hope my next child is a little calmer but I guess it's nice that the first one has all the energy. She LOVES to chase people, especially our next door neighbor Lilly, who is 3. I am constantly shaking her off my leg... she loves to crawl to me, stand up and just stand there holding on with one hand. Sometimes she'll crawl to me and press her open mouth to my leg like she's biting me. Thank goodness she only has 2 little bottom teeth!

She gives the sweetest kisses even when we don't ask for them (those are the wettest!).She is learning to give hugs where she just leans into you. She takes HUGE steps when we walk with her.

AND... She is starting to let go of the furniture when she's standing up! She can stand by herself for a few seconds so I bet next month she will be walking!

She waves "hi" sometimes but mostly just flaps her arms like a flying bird. She loves to jump when you tell her to jump, and you can usually find her sitting Indian-style or crossing her legs at the ankles.

We love her. She's a really funny girl and I'm so glad I get to play with her all day. She is definitely the happiest baby in the world.

Today we did her 10-month photo shoot outside but I mostly just got intrigued crusties because people were taking stuff out of a moving truck on the street. Here are a couple smiles though...

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