Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Think about this today

Have you ever thought about all the little bity things in your life that make your life a comfortable one? That make your life so easy?

I try to think about them often because I don't want to be one that takes them for granted. Still, last night I was reminded once again that we have it SO easy here.

A spring to the lid of our pop-open trash can broke. Now, when you're holding something yucky that needs to go in the trash you can't just lift your leg and tap the handle to open it... you actually have to open the lid with your hand. It really is an inconvenience. Right after we realized it was broken I said, "Guess it's time for a new one."

So, next time I can get to Target (we don't have a car) I will spend something like $10-15 on a new trash can because I want one that works.

*We* have it so easy.

By *We* I mean everyone reading this blog because if you can read this blog you are obviously well enough off to own a computer and how convenient is that?


the fellers said...

well put!

AoK Buttons said...

5 more days till jane is 10 months!!

Joshua Arnett said...

you can soo fix that your self.. just get a spring