Thursday, March 04, 2010

Where's my wedding ring?

I put lotion on in the car on the way to play group. When I put lotion on I usually take my ring off.

An hour later I went to twist my ring like I usually do and there was nothing to twist. Where's my ring? Did I lose it just now? Did I take it off last night and not remember to put it back on?

I check my pockets. It's not there. I tell someone and just assume it's at home next to my bed. 15 minutes later I forget about it.

I open the car door about to sit inside and happen to look down at the pile of dirt next to the tire.

My ring! A shiny little circle just waiting to be picked up. Why did I look down? I wasn't even thinking about my ring assuming it's at home. It wasn't at home. If I hadn't looked down at that moment I would have lost my ring forever.

That was a blessing.

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the fellers said...

wow, I LOVE stories like this! I am glad you found it!