Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The day was Sunday.

Brandt was in the living room trying to put a pair of blue polka-dotted tights on Jane so she could look her best for church. I was running around like a mad woman trying to get everything ready for us to leave. Our ride to church was due in 5 minutes.

I grabbed some baby food and a sippy cup and packed them away in the diaper bag. Then, I grabbed 2 pieces of pizza for my lunch. I like my pizza crispy so I usually just throw it in the toaster oven but since I now had 3.5 minutes until our ride was here I needed to nuke it for a minute before putting it in the toaster so it would get done quicker. I started it in the microwave and preheated the toaster oven as I left the kitchen.

Jane was being cute. We were laughing at her. Then there was a loud noise. The only way to describe it is this... We have a huge metal shelf against our kitchen wall. It holds our cereal, snack, some of our better looking appliances and pots and pans. It also holds Jane's baby food jars- both unopened and empty ones. It was as if that shelf disappeared and everything on the shelf suddenly fell to the floor in a loud crash. All those jars in pieces.

That's not what happened though. We sheepishly rounded the corner to the kitchen to see what in the world caused that noise.

Our toaster oven had exploded.

There was glass everywhere. It looked like someone had thrown a grenade in it and shut the glass door. It resembled a windshield after a horrific crash. The toaster handle was laying in the middle of the kitchen in a field of debris.

I was in shock. I was just in there 1 minute ago. Jane was crawling right underneath it an hour earlier while I was toasting some English muffins.

2 minutes and our ride was supposed to arrive. Brandt said, "We'll have to clean this up when we get back." I used my hand to close my gaping mouth as I snapped back to reality. My first thoughts back to this reality were...

"I am SO glad Jane wasn't in here!"

"I'm So glad I wasn't in here!"

"I'm so glad my Papa Johns pizza wasn't in there!"

We scrambled out the door still shaken by what happened. The whole day I was on edge waiting for another explosion of any kind.

I really liked that toaster.

***I have contacted the company twice (Euro-Pro) but they haven't returned my calls.

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the fellers said...

that is crazy, I would keep trying to contact them, and thank goodness none of you were in there!