Friday, April 09, 2010

Girl Date

Today Jane and I went on our first girl date. We spend a lot of time together but most of the time it's just going to the park or running errands. Today we treated ourselves to an early afternoon out. Here's what we did...

We took the train north to Evanston and went to American Appearal where Jane picked out a solid black t-shirt for herself (she's trying to be a little more designery like her dad). Then we had lunch next door at Noodles & Company. I ordered the Japanese Pan Noodles with the gift card Brandt got me for Christmas and Jane had Cheerios. I shared some of my noodles with her because her dish was kind of bland and she liked them. This was the first time I've gone to a restaurant alone with her and ate there. She just sat in a booster seat and played with some random toys while I ate. She was super cute in her denim jeans, black mary jane's, and pink plaid coat with the hood of her gray hoodie underneath poking out. We matched today.

Then we walked to Einstein Brothers and got us two bagels so Mom and Dad can have a yummy breakfast tomorrow before going to the temple. On our way back to the train we stopped in World Market just to check out their Easter sale but Jane was really tired so we didn't stay long. Before we got to the train she started to fall asleep in the baby bjorn so we hurried home so she could take her nap in her crib. We got home an hour late for her nap but she fell asleep right away and is still snoozing.

We had a really fun time and I'm really excited to do this a bazillion more times with her as she grows up. She's my besty.

The end.

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the fellers said...

you are seriously the best, i really need to do a date with my kids more...seriously!