Thursday, April 08, 2010

Jane: 11 Months

WARNING: Lots of copy and LOTS of pictures...

One more month to go till she is a year old. They (The Germans) say you don't remember what your life was like before kids once you have them and they're right. It seems like we've been parents for ages.

Jane has changed so much this month. She just seems so much bigger in every way... She's learned tons and has gotten so long. I think she just had a growth spurt. She doesn't even seem like a baby anymore.

Personality: She loves to explore and loves new places. She has started "playing" coy and I say playing because I know she isn't. With new people she now does this thing where she nuzzles her chin into her chest and smiles the cutest little smile.

When she gets tired she gets clumsy and hurts herself a lot. She's a champ though because as soon as the pain goes away she's ready to play again.

Since she's been alive she has been a mover. She always wants to see what's going on and doesn't want to sit still. However, this month when we sing to her before putting her down for her naps and for the night she sucks her thumb with one arm, holds onto you with the other and snuggles into you. We LOVE this! It's super cute. I hope she doesn't start using this to her advantage because sometimes we just keep singing more songs to her so we can keep snuggling with her.

Physically: She is starting to let go of the furniture when she's standing a lot more. I don't think she realizes she isn't holding onto anything... she'll just get preoccupied with the toys she's holding and let go and then hold back on or fall on her bum. She also loves walking behind the stroller while holding onto the footrest. She could do it for ages.

She's talking more and more. Just babbling a million different sounds. It always makes us laugh when we hear her... especially when she does it when she thinks she's alone. She also got her third tooth. It's right next door to the other bottom two teeth. The top four are all coming in at the same time and we can tell they're hurting her, poor thing. She's been extra whiny because of the teething so we hope they break through soon.

Sometimes when she gets super excited she'll flap both her arms like she's a baby bird trying to fly. I swear she has enough energy to actually lift off the round and start flying. And finally, she still LOVES baths more than ever. She'd play in the tub for hours if we'd let her.

Food: She still has an issue with gagging... throws up because of it almost every day. She's a champ when this happens too because after I get her cleaned up, most of the time she'll keep trying until she can swallow without gagging. She doesn't like most chunks of food we give her except veggie puffs, noddles and cheerios although I gave her a piece of a BBQ pringle and a french fry this month and she LOVED them. If she doesn't like something she'll take it right out of her mouth and swing her hand until it flies off.We gave her a sip of our grape juice the other morning and right after the taste sunk in she crawled right back to us as if saying, "I like that, yeah I like that. Can I have some more PLEASE!" It was pretty cute.

Darling Jane:
"What's going on over there?"
"Did you take the picture yet?"
I'm not sure what she's thinking here...
"It's a little chilly out here mom."

Goofy Jane:
"This is so coooool, soooo cool, I can't contain my excitement."
Yes Jane, I wish those were donuts too.
This is my pet monkey. Her name is Jane.
Oh no! My pet monkey is eating her pet monkey!
Happy 11 months Jane!!!


The Randalls said...

She is so stinking cute!! I can't believe she is almost one!!

AoK Buttons said...

thank you! Best post.