Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jane is a crack up

I think she's pretty funny and she thinks she's pretty funny... apparently.

Last week she was playing in her room while I wrote my apology to you. :( I kept hearing her laugh and laugh so I snuck to her door and peeked in to see what she thought was so funny. She was pushing her Leap Frog Learn and Grove Table around. She'd stand up next to it and push it across the room cracking up as she did it. Then she'd run into the wall or chair or something else in the way, walk around the table and then push it in a different direction. She was laughing so hard and it took all my will to watch her silently. It's amazing how much she changes even daily!

She's also doing this cute little snuggle thing where she lays her head on top of or next to blankets or pillows or chairs or shoes and makes a lovey snuggle sound and smiles. The other day she picked up my shoe and put it next to her head and snuggled it. I promptly took it away and gave her something cleaner to snuggle with. She's so sweet!

I lover her!

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the fellers said...

I love this age when they think that EVERYTHING is so funny, they are so much fun to watch! I hope we get to see you guys soon!