Friday, June 11, 2010

Jane: 13 Months

Jane has once again, grown/learned so much in this last month. She is so fun. Every night when Brandt and I are sitting on the couch after dinner we talk about the cute things she's done that day and we probably say, "She's so cute" or "I love her so much" 500 times. And we do.

So what is 13-month-old Jane like?

She runs everywhere now. I actually had to chase her before she went in the street yesterday.

She dances to any kind of music. My favorite thing in the world is her one-arm, straight-face fist pump to Tejano Rap from cars as we walk through the neighborhoods.

She's a big girl now... no more nursing which is nice for Mom.

She can play hide and seek now. That is, if I run into another room and hide she'll chase after me and find me. I then pop out and say Boo and we both laugh.

She gives the biggest and wettest open-mouth kisses. The only difference between last month and this month is that she'll give them to us on her own, totally unprompted.

She LOVES seeing dogs and points to flowers while we're out on walks. She LOVES books and will help pick up her toys when she's done. She signs, "All Done", "More" and Thank You" and claps her hands when she hears audiences cheer while listening live music.

She discovered that ice cream is so delicious and now wants all of mom's. She is slowly moving off of purees and is starting to pick up bits of food off her tray and eats them. She also LOVES her straw sippy. I think I should limit her drink intake... no diaper is good enough now at night :)

She pats her hand on her mouth to make the Indian dance song noise thing... you know what I mean? She is also now a harmonica playing professional. And, finally, she loves finding the little helicopters (she seeds that twirl in the air from trees) and will pick them up and drop them to see them twirl.

We have so much fun together. She's very loving, sweet and smart. She's also very energetic, exploratory and friendly to everyone she sees. I have the best job ever. Way better than writing proposals :)

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