Thursday, June 03, 2010

Jane goes sailing

Here are some pictures from when we went sailing last month while Brandt's mom was in town. The ship left from Navy Pier and stayed close to shore but it was pretty fun. Pretty windy too. The theme was pirate adventures on the Great Lakes so the crew was dressed up as pirates and they told some cool stories.

The Tall Ship Windy.

She loves new things and places so this was fun for her. Well, until she fell and bonked her head. Then she was pretty grumpy.

They let Jane "man (baby) the sails" for most of the ride. She did a pretty good job.

I think she wanted to go under but I couldn't really tell.

She loves me so much. Sometimes too much.

She also loves her Dad. They have a love/tease relationship.

Awe. Us. I believe this was taken by a pirate.

My loves in life. Not pictured: portobello ravioli, vanilla jelly beans, Papa Johns, sleep.

And this is why I wake up feeling lucky every single morning.

Wish you were here Josh.

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Ela and Daniel Asisi said...

What a cute blog and what a fun adventure!