Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jane goes to Amarillo

(Pictures and Video at the end)

Jane and I (Christina) left Chicago for Amarillo, Texas on Thursday. I was nervous for the plane ride because Jane wants to do nothing but walk around these days but it actually went really well. It helped that we sat next to a girl my age who works as a nanny.

The next day we drove 6 more hours to Oklahoma, meeting up with our old friend Sarah and her kids for lunch. It was nice to see her again. Then we stayed the night at my sister's friends house. They were so nice and the mom is way into couponing. I wish we lived closer to each other... it's nice to know that someone else is as obsessed with couponing.

Then on Saturday we met up with the rest of my entire family for breakfast and then headed to the Arnett family reunion. It was SOOOO hot. 115 degrees with the heat index and there was no A/C. I was dying. Jane was dying. We were pretty miserable but it was nice to be able to go to a family reunion since the last one was when I was in high school. Then that night we drove another 6 hours back to Amarillo (stopping for the traditional Braums).

At this point I didn't want to EVER travel again. Jane has become really clingy. She only wants to be held by me and is super whiny. It's really unlike her because she usually LOVES new people and new places. I think she just got messed up because her schedule was wacked. But as I type she's standing next to me screaming because my brother Josh looked at her.

The next couple days we just hung out with the family. We were all able to go to church together which was a treat since it's been so long since we've all been in the same place. Church was during Jane's morning nap but I stepped into the hall, sang her a few songs while swaying and she fell asleep in my arms, which she never does. She slept for a whole 40 minutes. I have to admit, I love the extra snuggles she's been giving me.

Everyone has gone home except for Josh and I. We went to the Dairy yesterday and saw the new born cows. Jane LOVED them. She even moo'd at them. Then when she saw the goats she woof'd at them. She's learned a ton these last few days but I'll do another post on that.

Here are some pictures and videos from a place we went to called Jump and Jive.

Janie and Mommy

Tyler (my nephew)

Jimmy (my nephew)

I seriously thought I could sit on that tree. That's why I was so shocked when it fell.

Like I said, she just wants to walk.

2 for the price of one. She loved it.

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