Thursday, June 24, 2010

Now in Utah

Oh, it's so good to be using a Mac again.

Last night Josh and I had BOGO Blizzards from DQ. I don't know which was better, the car ride(s) there or the ButterFinger Blizzard.

This morning I packed, we all went to the Botanical Gardens in Amarillo and then Angela dropped me off at the airport. I miss them all ready. It was so great to hang out with Josh. He constantly amazes me at how sweet of a person he is. I'd say, if you put his sweetness on a pie chart it'd probably be 99% sweet, 1% stinker. I also miss my sister Ang. We Skype all the time, I mean like 3-4 times a day plus the 5-6 calls each day but it was so much more fun to hang out with each other. It's probably a good thing we're apart now though because distance always makes the heart grow fonder. And the boys. I miss Ty and Jimmy. My most favorite thing will be Jimmy saying, "I'm sure going to miss you so much" in his whiny little voice.

No now I'm in Utah. Just got in 2 hours ago and Jane is (fingers crossed) asleep down stairs. She did great on the flights and charmed everyone she walked past. She's good at that. I'm excited for Brandt to join me tomorrow night. I miss him.

And now a picture from today... Good night:

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Angela said...

Nah, I'd say he's 93% sweetness, 5% stinker and 2% unknown...Yeah its been strange having the house quiet again. That 7 days was just about perfect. You know just in time to get sick. Jimmy had to be carried inside after dropping Josh off and when given the choice between the couch and my bed, chose my bed. Then he asked me to open the blinds so he could look at the trees while we laid in bed. We read for a bit and then when I started dinner he sat out in the swing resting for a while. Those kids are ZONKED. Hopefully the allergies will run their course quickly. We love you and miss you. Skype you soon!