Monday, July 12, 2010

Children's Museum

Long, long ago Jane went to the Chicago Children's Museum. Her mom took lots of photos while she played with the Mother-load of all toys.

This is Jane trying to make it up a BIG hill. She got it down really fast and then spent the next 20 minutes crawling/walking around and around and around and around it.

At one point she got stuck between some soft protruding thingies and herself. I don't think she's ever been that close to herself before. I think she thought that little girl was pretty because she gave her a big wet kiss.

She did a lot of just being cute while she looked around trying to decide what to explore next.

Then she got a job at a construction site. She didn't last that long... they found out she was only 1 year old.

Next she went to the grocery store and bought some eggs for mom. She's such a good helper.

But, while trying to make a cake she accidentally got stuck in the oven. Yikes.

And then Mom's camera battery died so no more pictures. She had so much fun she went back the next week with her friend Zoe. I'm sure that won't be the last time we visit this place.

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