Friday, August 27, 2010

Another $good$ day

Today Jane and I went to an all you can eat pizza place we walk past ALL THE TIME. It was a splurge since it's $7 plus tax and I don't eat $7 worth of pizza plus we are going out to eat tonight but I wanted to do it. As we were about to leave this little siren goes off and I hear, "Chase is here to pick up your tab! If you have a Chase debit card Chase will pick up your tab up to $10!" I actually said out loud in an excited shriek, "I have a Chase debit card!!" So, my lunch was free and some change (b/c it's a voucher so I will get $10 cash later)!!!

Then we went to CVS and picked up another 10 Fuze drinks, which brings our total to 30! I have another 10 $.75 off coupons so I'll go next week and get another 10. They are $1.00 each at CVS and if you buy 10 you get $5.00 Extra Bucks so that makes them free and I make $2.50 each time! Seriously. They are good and I've made $7.50 on them.

Speaking of CVS, their blue bottles of Wisk are on clearance for $.80 (down from $9.59). Match them up with $1.00 coupons found online and they are free! That's what I did and I now have 8 bottles for a grand total of $.05 out of pocket. At three loads of laundry a week that's over a 5 year supply of detergent.

I love coupons. You should too. It's free money! Pair up coupons with on-sale items and you'll score some awesome stuff for free.

Oh and we're going to Guster tonight at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Before hand we're going to go to Qdoba for dinner and of coarse I have a BOGO meal coupon :)

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AoK Buttons said...

So was it the best night of your life???? I was so jelouse I made myself sick over it... actually that was probably the peppers I ate. I love Guster!