Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear Jane

Dear Jane,

For when you're 15 and want to know what you were like as a baby (near 16 months)... here are a few traits you currently have...

When we say, "Fold your arms, we're going to say prayer", you bring your little fists up under your chin and start mumbling. You mumble half way through our prayer and as soon as you hear "in the name of" you say "MAY MEM MUH MEM MEM MEM". Your's is the loudest "amen" heard, even when we're at church, which is kind of distracting and makes everyone look at us and laugh.

You always have to be carrying around a stick when you're playing. You'll hold onto the same stick for like 20 minutes until you drop it and find a new one, which you then hold for another 20 minutes.

You love splashing in water. Sometimes you pour Dad's water for the tomato plant into the camping chair and splash in it till you're completely drenched.

You say "Hi-ee" in the cutest baby voice ever to everyone you see.

And one more... let's see... One of your favorite things right now is unlocking our lobby door by putting the key fob up to the sensor. You get so excited when I ask you if you want to unlock the door. Then you get really upset when we get into the elevator to go to our apartment because you wanted to unlock all the other doors on the first floor.

You're cute Jane. Dad and I laugh at you, ahem, with you a lot. Especially when you get stuck in the folding hamper.

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