Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jane: 15 months

So Jane is now 15 months. She's such a big girl to me now. She's so independent (sometimes naggy) and loves to go off on her own exploring new things and places. She LOVES sticks and mulchy areas. She'll sit there and play with the bark for ages.

She isn't listening as well as she used to, which I knew would happen but not so quickly. She also refuses to eat a lot of foods. She won't even give them a try. Brandt says that's a sign of being pessimistic so we'll see how that pans out.

She knows a lot of tricks now. She sticks her tongue in and out when you ask her what a frog does. She clicks her tongue when you ask her what a clock does. She says up in a very high pitched "BUP" and will say it over and over again until you help her up. She loves being tickled. She shakes her head no in a teasing manner. She tries to climb on everything. And, she still walks/runs on her tip toes.

One molar just broke through but I don't think she was too bothered by it. She's a champ.

Right now I love how she lays her head on my shoulder when I tell her to lay down. I love how sticks her bottom jaw out and shows her teeth when she's thinking. I love how she likes to point to my nose and cracks up when she touches my eyeball.

We love her and are so glad she ours. We got a good one.

15 month check up:
Height- 31 inches (50th %)
Weight- 21 lb 10 oz (25-50th %)
Head- 46 1/2 cm (perfectly normal)

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