Thursday, September 09, 2010

Nauvoo Part Dos

One thing you should know about Jane... Give her snacks and she'll be happy. I give her snacks when we're on long walks so she doesn't scream and make me look like a bad parent. I give her snacks when we're on long car (or plane) rides so she doesn't give us headaches. We also give her food when we want to be able to socialize with other adults instead of having to occupy a 16 month old. It works like a charm. Yes, I know there is a HUGE issue with childhood obesity in our day and age which is why she only gets snacks during those times and she only gets crackers instead of Twinkies and candy and Mountain Dew... see I'm a good mom :)

Plus, she's awfully cute when she roams around looking for "Jane-sized" things to sit on while eating out of her spill-proof snack bowl, wearing the little bonnet we just bought in a pricey gift shop. See for yourself.

During the wedding Reception:

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Angela said...

I read these backwards so was wondering about the first outfit. This is a fabulous dress but now I get why you changed her clothes...its not Jane!