Thursday, October 21, 2010

Made my day

I've been eying this crib set since I was pregnant with Jane so for over 2.5 years!

I saw it in the store a couple months ago because someone returned the online item in store and it was marked down from $79 to $39. Still way too much for me because I don't need 2 crib sets.

Today I saw it again (for the 5th time). I asked the lady who was marking down the towels on the same end cap if it was ever going to go lower. She said no since it was an online item. I told her I've seen it for a couple months now and was just waiting for it to go lower. She then asked another employee who passed by if it could go lower. The other employee said she was tired of seeing it so she marked it down to $7.50!!!!!

I almost cried.


I love it and it's gender neutral for when we have a boy :)


Angela said...

Yahoo! Its cute!

the fellers said...

oh wow, how awesome, you have nothing to lose when asking, right?

Mary Ann (Crockett) Ahlstrom said...

Ummmm....where can I get it? Just kidding. It is VERY cute though. Way to be patient and get it for ridiculously low. Amazing...