Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Princess Jane

I am really not into Disney Princesses. In fact, I am anti Jane becoming obsessed with them. I'm fine with other parents letting their children but not mine. Well, yesterday I had a coupon to CVS for $5 off any Halloween costumes or accessories and since all of the stuff they had was either tacky or STUFF we just don't need to keep around, I got Jane a tiara and wand for FREE... I didn't even have to pay tax! It's not Disney Princesses so I'm ok with it, plus she looked SUPER cute with them while wearing the new tutu Grandma Brinkerhoff gave to her while visiting last week.

By the way, Jane can now say tutu, milk and cracker.

Here's Princess Jane:

She LOVES sitting on this ledge. It's just her size.

She always snickers when I call her a stinker... not sure what that means.

This is Jane's "I'm so excited I can't contain myself" expression.

I love how happy she is... most of the time.

She got in trouble eventually for pulling the ribbons out but at first she'd pull them out and reach out to me to get them off her hand.

And this is her as she jumped on me. She likes to do that.

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